The UIAA classifies our crags under their class 3 category as a non-high corrosive area. Even still, the minimum safety standard set out by UIAA declares no less than all stainless steel hardware should be installed into the rock. This standard ensures a 50 year lifespan on this new hardware we are installing for the community- Meaning this should be the last time we have to do this! Here's your chance to contribute to our climbing community! A contribution that will endure the rest of your life. Something to look back and and know "It was me who bought that bolt".

Here's a list of our donors in no particular order:

  • Ryan Munro
  • Mike Brown
  • Alan Brown
  • MEC
  • Vertical Adventures
  • Dan Neufeld
  • Gregg Korek
  • Ray Hope
  • Andrew Ciavarelli
  • Rachel Dwilow
  • Kori Cuthbert
  • Kerri Cuthbert
  • Dan R Jorgensen
  • Greg Ashcroft
  • Brad Friesen
  • Constanze Dillistone
  • Brian W Gilchrist
  • Claire Dionne
  • Dave Cooke
  • Janice Bamforth
  • ACC Manitoba
  • Peter Muir
  • Sean Egan
  • Mike Dithlevsen
  • Ashton Beaupré
  • Steven Theriault
  • Cory Mcfarlane

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